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Blairsville DDA
(AKA Visit Downtown Blairsville)

What's a DDA?

Downtown Development Authorities come in various shapes and sizes depending on the city they serve.  As a quasi-governmental agency, a DDA acts as a conduit for cities to utilize when buying & selling property, completing specific building/renovation tasks, quality of life improvements such as parking, sidewalks, flower beds etc..... or whatever the City Council delegates to them.

What's the Commitment?

DDA terms are four years in length, with meetings typically held once a month over the course of an hour.  Currently, our meetings are held from noon - 1pm at Blairsville's City Hall.  Lunch is provided.  Additionally, there may be occasions when we have to meet outside of our normal schedule.  These are 'called' meetings and while rare, they can exceed an hour, depending on the topic being discussed.  


Our board is 7 members strong and currently consists of Paul Thompson, Board Chair, Robert Rogers, Vice Chair, June McEldowney, Secretary, WC Nelson, Ricky Abercrombie, Daniel Davenport & Rhonda Mahan as our City Council liaison.  Come February, we'll have four openings on our board as WC, Daniel, Paul & Ricky have each served their respective terms.


If you are interested in learning more about how our board functions, we encourage you to reach out to our current board members, members of the Blairsville City Council or the Mayor.  Additionally, you may contact our Program Manager, Darren E. Harper using the contact info below.

If you do choose to complete an application and are selected to serve, please be aware that DDA 101 training is required per the State of Georgia.  This free, online class will give you the basics of how DDA's function and will be a great introduction in general.

We appreciate your time & consideration and look forward to hearing from you!


Blairsville DDA Board Application 

Online Training Course - DDA 101

DDA 101 Training Course FAQ

Mainstreet:  Four Point Approach

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Darren E. Harper
Program Manager, Blairsville DDA


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